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Special Projects

IMG_3180Special Projects:
For all of you, HVAC needs, MW Mechanical Inc.has the capabilities required to take on nearly any project of varying complexities. We regularly work with our business partners on individual and repeat projects that require a high level
of skill and ability in order to complete properly. The MW Mechanical Inc, team has been built with projects in mind as we have handpicked each team member based on their abilities to carry out a wide variety of projects. We have the skill, know-how, and manpower to effectively and efficiently take on any service, retrofit or installation or repair project our customers require. Each project is treated with the same         high level of quality and attention to detail our customers expect all while offering industry leading service and competitive rates.

Special Projects:

Retrofit: Our team of professionals is focused on helping our customers maximize the usable life of their equipment. While some HVAC service providers might automatically recommend  customers replace their HVAC system when a breakdown or problem occurs, our team of highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals have our customer’s best interest in mind and provide them with options. The replacement costs associated with large HVAC systems can easily exceed Hundreds of thousands of dollars which can pose significant challenges given the cost. Before recommending a replacement system, we will fully inspect the existing system to see if we are able to get more life expectancy out of the system by simply retrofitting or replacing the component parts. By providing our customers with options, we can save them money and turn a very expensive repair into something much more affordable.

Air Balancing: Not all buildings are setup with HVAC systems that are being used for their intended purposes. In situations where a building has changed hands or has had the floorplan altered from the originally ­intended use (room additions, room reconfiguring, etc), our team has the problem ­solving ability to reconfiguring the system and save our customers money. Whether it’s adding new ducting or thermostats to completely changing the way air is carried throughout the space, we will work with our customers to ensure proper A/C and heat  distribution are achieved throughout the entire building.


Unit Change-Outs: When changing HVAC units, there are typically many pieces of connecting equipment that need to be changed along with the HVAC unit itself. These unit change-outs require a high­level of problem ­solving ability combined with attention to detail in order to ensure that the base equipment and air distribution systems are all designed and installed correctly,­ particularly on existing buildings. Our team is up to the task and will work with our customers throughout the entire process to make the unit change-out as smooth as possible with the least amount of interruptions to their business.

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